Yorkshire Trees

Let's plant a million trees

The Yorkshire Tree project is one year old - this is what we’ve planted so far.

Winter 2015 200,000 Trees planted
Planting in Birmingham
Planting in Bristol
Autumn 2015 146,108 Trees planted
Summer 2015 51,366 Trees planted
Some of the pupils from Esther's school
Map of Africa with a location pin in Kenya
Esther is helping us plant trees in Kenya
Spring 2015 44,334 Trees planted
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Let's plant a million trees

At Yorkshire Tea, we love trees so much that we're planting a million of them over five years. With help from our friends at the Woodland Trust, hundreds of green-fingered children in the UK and Kenya and a dash of inspiration from The Gruffalo, we're chuffed to say that we've already planted 200,000 in our first year. You can learn all about it on this website.

Over 5000 Saplings!

Our Yorkshire Tree Map

See how schools in the UK and Kenya are helping us plant new trees

Check out our activity sheets

Planting Trees in Kenya

See how the Yorkshire Tree project is helping schoolchildren and farmers.

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Vanishing Wood Game

Help the Gruffalo save his home with our tree planting game.

Check out our activity sheets

Get our Activity Sheets

Print our outdoor activity sheets and inspire your children to explore the Gruffalo’s Vanishing Wood

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One Million Trees

Our tea taster Suzy explores...

  • One Million Trees

    Our tea taster Suzy explores...

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    One Million Trees
  • Track The Gruffalo

    Tips on how to convince the little ones that The Gruffalo might be in the vicinity.

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    Gruffalo Tracking Tips
  • Attract The Gruffalo

    Some tell tale signs of The Gruffalo to look out for next time you put your wellies on.

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    Attract The Gruffalo

Keep up to date with all the latest news from the Gruffalo and Yorkshire Tea on our message wall. If you’d like to share your messages via Twitter or Instagram, just use the hashtag #yorkshiretree.

Just spotted this on bottom of our #Yorkshiretree @YorkshireTea tin . Nice work (f)oaks https://t.co/aJCinoxzGG

Instagram image

Another scorcher brewing. We're readying ourselves with some seriously good rosy lee (#YorkshireTree).

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